Singlewire Software Announces Acquisition of Visitor Aware

Singlewire Software recently announced that it has acquired Visitor Aware, a tool that adds visitor and student management functionality to the company’s existing suite of emergency notification and incident management solutions, according to a news release.

“It’s becoming more evident that school safety starts at the front door, so when our school customers started asking us for help with visitor check-in and student management, we went looking for a partner that could offer a solution that would exceed their expectations,” said Singlewire Software CEO and President Paul Shain. “Visitor Aware develops state-of-the-art safety solutions that help organizations keep their building secure and their people protected, which pairs perfectly with our mission of keeping people safe and informed, everywhere. Every time.”

Visitor Aware offers visitor screening solutions to schools and other organizations to keep occupants safe from potentially threatening individuals. Upon entering the building, visitors scan their ID. The software uses that information along with facial recognition technology to screen the visitor against government watchlists, sex offender registries, and active legal injunctions, the news release reports. Approved guests receive a printed pass so that they can proceed into the building.

Visitor Aware also includes functionality for volunteer management, secure student release and pickup, tardiness tracking, rostering and reunification, and a tip line for potential threats.

“An effective safety plan relies on strong communication,” said Bennett Stone, Visitor Aware’s creator. “We’re excited to join Singlewire so organizations can add InformaCast emergency notification to our Visitor Aware software, extending the reach of critical messages to help create a safer and more responsive environment.”

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