Athena Security Debuts Healthcare Violence Reporting Software

Athena Security recently launched a new software that helps law enforcement officers report incidents and analyze data related to violence in healthcare facilities, according to a news release. The Healthcare Violence Reporting system works with Athena’s Weapons Detection System, and it provides the tools to streamline data input and analysis against the backdrop of rising violence in the healthcare industry.

The news release reports that the rate of violence against healthcare employees is 12 times higher than in the workforce at large, and that in 2018, healthcare workers make up 73 percent of all nonlethal workplace injuries and illnesses caused by violence.

“We were shocked as a security company when we discovered just how much healthcare violence goes unreported amidst the growing trend of attacks,” said Michael Green, CEO of Athena Security. “We wanted to make it simple to report and analyze the attack data and to solve this horrific problem that has 85 percent of emergency room doctors stating that violence is increasing.”

According to the news release, features of the Healthcare Violence Reporting software include streamlined data input; data management and reporting tools; the ability to follow an incident response ticket from beginning to end; automation of item retrieval and confiscation; picture-taking abilities to allow for item storage and return; comprehensive search tools; and a customizable platform that allows users to create and edit fields that fit their particular work environment.

A video walkthrough of the software’s capabilities is available here.

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