Maryland K–12 District Selects AI Visual Gun Detection Solution

Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) in La Plata, Md., recently announced that it has selected an AI visual gun detection solution to keep students, staff, and faculty safe against the backdrop of increasing active shooting incidents in schools, according to a news release. The district will use Omnilert Gun Detect to monitor external cameras and to provide an emergency notification system.

“This technology provides real-time detection and advance warning before a situation occurs, which provides our school officials with valuable time to react to a possible safety threat,” said CCPS director of school safety and security Jason Stoddard. “We chose this software because it was the only solution that could provide the unique combination of early gun detection, human verification, mass communication, and an automated response. Each of these features helps strengthen the school system’s comprehensive approach to keeping our children and staff safe.”

Installation across the district’s 22 elementary schools, nine middle schools, seven high schools, and five education centers has already begun; activation is scheduled for the end of the school year. Omnilert Gun Detect can detect firearms—either handguns or long guns—and send an alert to a designated representative at Omnilert monitoring centers or the district security operations center. After the threat is verified, Omnilert can also send an alert to security and local law enforcement, according to the news release.

“With 2022 breaking new records for the most school shootings, districts around the country are looking for ways to mitigate the threat, and our visual AI technology turns their existing security cameras into a preventative system that detects guns and immediately initiates a life-saving response,” said Omnilert CEO Dave Fraser. “In the majority of incidents, including Uvalde and Sandy Hook, the shooters were outside and visible on camera, so visual AI can extend detection beyond the building and give more time to avert disaster. We are proud to see CCPS taking a leadership position in protecting their students and staff and setting an example for other schools.”

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