Facility Security

The Possibilities of Integrating Intercoms on a Network

Intercoms are an ideal solution for college and university campuses because they provide an appealing level of security for a campus’ friendly flow of people.

The Modern Classroom

The days of using just a lock and key to secure a classroom are fading. Modern solutions combined with specialty locks are becoming the norm when it comes to keeping classrooms and schools safe from intruders.

Real Life in the Classroom

COVID-19 is no surprise to anyone. It seems it has taken up residence in every location, schools and campuses are no exception. In fact, within the confines of a campus there is the greatest concern. Our future is at risk with children staring down the pandemic.

Positive Outcomes for Hospital Patients, Providers

There is a movement underway in healthcare services to utilize technology that acts as a force-multiplier in patient care. The movement is called remote patient monitoring, and it involves the use of IP network-based video surveillance technology.

A Layered Approach

If you want to see many of the latest security technologies in use, visit a large college or university campus. Campus security officials face many of the same problems as a city police department — only in a more compact setting.

Bringing Meaningful Lessons to the Classroom

I wonder if students have the capability to learn meaningful lessons while COVID is working its way across the nation. From my personal experience, yes, students can participate in class just fine.

We Hear You

Granted, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but there are times it is vital also to hear what’s happening to best assess a situation or provide needed information. Law enforcement and security professionals routinely rely on audio technology to help keep people safe during an emergency.

Phoenix Union will no Longer have School Resource Officers

Phoenix Union will no Longer have School Resource Officers

The Phoenix, AZ, Union High School District (PUHSD) is deciding how to spend more than a million dollars of its budget that would have gone to school resource officers.

Securitas Plays Critical Role in the Re-opening of Universities across the Nation

Adaptive screening solutions help improve security posture for universities nationwide

How Two-way Audio Devices Can Bolster School Security

How Two-way Audio Devices Can Bolster School Security

By the numbers, mass shootings on school grounds represent less than 1 percent of overall school violence incidents.

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