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Florida senate

Florida Senate Looks to Revise Its Controversial School Guardian Law

The potential revision was prompted by Palm Beach County schools using a private security firm to train its school guardians instead of the sheriff’s office.

University of Texas at Austin

Texas vs LSU Game Reveals Security Issues at Stadium

One of the biggest college games that occurred at UT in the last decade, revealed the university may not be prepared to handle large crowds of students.

Albuquerque Sign

Albuquerque Schools Ask State Legislature For $25 Million To Fund Security Upgrades

District officials want the New Mexico state legislature to create a new fund for school security upgrades that does not have as many restrictions on which districts can access the money and how much is paid out.

university of utah

University of Utah to Invest Close to $1 Million in Campus Security Measures

Following the murder of 21-year-old student Lauren McCluskey, a task force convened to issue several recommendations to improve student, staff and faculty safety.

school bus fleet

Bus Tracking App Allows Parents to Monitor Child’s Location in Real Time

DeSoto Parish School System is rolling out Edulog, a mobile app that lets users view bus routes and set up custom alerts for when a bus is leaving campus or arriving near a home.

Washington School District Upgrades Security for Elementary Schools

Washington School District Upgrades Security for Elementary Schools

Pullman School District has upgraded their three elementary schools, Sunnyside, Jefferson and Franklin Elementary school which security upgrades.

North Carolina Schools Use Friendly K-9, Color-Coded Alarm Lights, Metal Detectors

North Carolina Schools Use Friendly K-9, Color-Coded Alarm Lights, Metal Detectors

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has some new safety and security measures coming to district schools, including a German Shepherd, color-coded emergency lights and metal detectors.

Georgia Campaign Reminds Drivers of Back-to-School Driving Safety

Georgia Campaign Reminds Drivers of Back to School Driving Safety

Driving while intoxicated has always been the cause of many fatal car accidents, but there’s a new leader in dangerous driving scenarios – distracted driving. The “School’s Open, Drive Carefully” campaign reminds drivers to stay alert and aware of their surroundings.

Making Security Inclusive

Making Security Inclusive

Imagine a crisis hits right where you are: a natural disaster, active shooting, gas leak or other emergency that puts you at risk for harm.

Intelligent Communication Gives Security Executives an Edge

The security executive is increasingly being asked to provide these measures of performance. It supports and anchors their strategic value to the business.

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