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Boston City Council to Consider Rules for School Data Sharing with Law Enforcement

A measure was introduced after it was revealed that Boston schools had disclosed immigration status data, among other information, with law enforcement.

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Most U.S. Schools Closed Until At Least Fall

While the Trump administration is encouraging schools to consider reopening schools sooner this spring, most state officials believe they will not resume in-person learning until the fall.

Enabling Students To Learn Safely

Enabling Students To Learn Safely

Schools continue to search for integrated and universal solutions to meet their communications challenges.

Creating School Cyber Rules

Creating School Cyber Rules

Campus IT managers are responsible for managing their school’s tech stack.

How to Leverage AI

How to Leverage AI

Academic reputation is a key driver for colleges and universities to attract the best students, but campus safety is becoming an increasingly important factor in the college-choice equation.


Ohio Appeals Court Overturns School District Policy For Arming Staff Members

Concerned parents sued the Madison Local School District over its training requirements for staff members to carry a concealed weapon. Now, those policies have been struck down.

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Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights Holes in District School Safety Plans

Some Ohio districts were more prepared than others because they had a pandemic response plan, providing guidance on long-term isolation from school buildings.

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Florida School Safety Legislation Dies On Last Day of Session

Amid coronavirus fears and budget debates, the House and Senate could not come together to finalize updates to Florida’s school safety laws.

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School Safety Bill Passes Florida House With Amendment Addressing Child Arrests

The unanimously passed amendment came after a 6-year-old was arrested in Orlando for misdemeanor battery.

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Wisconsin Governor Signs Three Student Safety Bills Into Law

The legislation addresses the use of seclusion and restraints in schools, suicide prevention hotlines on IDs and a new mental health pilot program.

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