Risk Management

Tennessee Schools Receive Millions in Security Funding

Tennessee Schools Receive Millions in Security Funding

Weeks after the Parkland shooting, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam pushed the Safe Schools Act, which earmarked the money.

New Parkland School to be Built like a Fortress

New Parkland School to be Built like a Fortress

A new charter school just miles from Marjory Stoneman Douglas could be the most advanced campus in terms of security in the state.

From 134 To Zero

From 134 to Zero

In sporting events, the score often doesn’t tell the whole story. In the search for active shooter barricades in U.S. K-12 schools, this score tells it all.

Add Gun Violence Prevention To Back-to-School Checklist

With back-to-school upon us, we all know how important it is to ensure students are prepped with the essentials.

Get Ready For Gen Z: The Future Of ID Issuance

Get Ready For Gen Z: The Future of ID Issuance

The next generation of students is making its way onto college campuses. As millennials trade in their caps and gowns for a spot in the workforce, Gen Z is shopping for dorm room essentials.

A Proactive Thought

The way we approach school security needs to change. Bullying, mental health challenges, and widespread access to firearms have seeped into the fabric of our educational facilities, triggering a rise in tragic active shooter incidents which have become common enough in newspaper headlines for some to glance over without notice.

Why Innovative and Integrated Security Works for K-12

As we have seen time and time again in critical situations involving our nation’s schools, every second counts in an emergency.

Three Pillars of Visitor Management

Every business, campus, facility and organization in a specialty vertical could benefit from some kind of visitor management system, whether on a small or large scale. In reality, these organizations or businesses already have some type of visitor management system in place, but it is often in the inefficient form of a receptionist or paper logbook.

How To Select The Best Mass Notification System For Your Campus

How to Select The Best Mass Notification System for Your Campus

Although some college campuses have long benefited from mass notification systems, the current evolving threat environment facing our education systems indicate just how crucial it is for all schools to have the technologies and communications infrastructure to inform and protect students, families, faculty and staff.

Campus Shootings Changes Back-to-School Shopping

Campus Shootings Change Back-to-School Shopping

Parents are finding themselves purchasing bulletproof items for their children to take to school with them.

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