Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine Digital Edition -July August 2019

July/August 2019


Cover Story

Making Security Inclusive

Making Security Inclusive

By Jerry Geis

Imagine a crisis hits right where you are: a natural disaster, active shooting, gas leak or other emergency that puts you at risk for harm.


Proactive Security for Active Shooter Situations

Proactive Security for Active Shooter Situations

By Clayton Brown

You can’t stop something you don’t see coming. So how can campus security be anything but reactive to active shooter situations? Intelligent security might be the answer.

Getting an Auto Boost

Getting an Auto Boost

By Chris Yigit

BYU takes its responsibility to provide a secure environment for students, staff and visitors very seriously and is particularly conscientious about maintaining order on its vast campus while still remaining unobtrusive.

Taking a Connected Approach

Taking a Connected Approach

By Cody Flood

When considering the challenges of healthcare security, many of us first think about vast hospital campuses that encompass entire city blocks and experience high volumes of visitors each and every day.

Why Your Risk Management Plan Can’t Work in Silos

By Danielle Myers

Imagine trying to watch TV with one remote designated to powering it on, another solely for adjusting volume, another for changing the channel, and so on.

Securing the District

By Dave Van Hoy

School safety was the top priority for a new CCTV system, of course, as the SLUSD supports more than 9,000 students across 13 schools in the district.

Control Room Considerations for the Campus Environment

Control Room Considerations for the Campus Environment

By Paul Reigner

Whether it’s called a command center, dispatch control, security monitoring room or security operations center (SOC), each campus needs a dedicated space where security officials and dispatchers can convene in an effort to effectively respond to incidents as they arise.

Reducing a Carbon Footprint

Reducing a Carbon Footprint

By Bruce Canal

Rock Hill School District was looking to upgrade its video surveillance system while aligning with its efforts to save energy.

Cloud Storage for Campus Environments, Advantages and Risks

Cloud Storage for Campus Environments, Advantages and Risks

By Steve Rosa

Cloud storage and backup providers have expanded their reach from businesses and individuals to campuses around the world.

How New Technology Increases Safety Against Gun Violence in U.S. Schools

How New Technology Increases Safety Against Gun Violence in U.S. Schools

By Rich LeCates

The average school shooting lasts only 12.5 minutes, which means that every second counts when getting the closest responders to the greatest point of need.

Driving Intelligent Campus Transformation with Video Content Analysis

By Stephanie Weagle

One leading university, based in the United States, has embraced technology as a way of addressing its extensive needs.

Using Mass Notification to Keep Students and Staff Safe Throughout the Year

By Pat Scheckel

College and university campuses pose a number of challenges when trying to communicate safety information during an emergency.

Intelligent Communication Gives Security Executives an Edge

By Ron Worman

The security executive is increasingly being asked to provide these measures of performance. It supports and anchors their strategic value to the business.

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