Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine - January February 2021

January February 2021


Cover Story

COVID-19: The Second Wave

COVID-19: The Second Wave

By KiChul Kim

The second wave is here, and people are tired of the pandemic as we head into what will most likely be a long, dark winter with COVID-19. Campuses of all sizes need to function at some level or risk an uncertain future.


Preparing for Flu Season

Preparing for Flu Season

By Ben Oberle

Educational facilities and their leadership teams, along with teachers, elected officials, parents, and students themselves know the stakes have never been higher to determine what the best plan of action might be to protect our learners and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enhancing School Security

Enhancing School Security

By Eric Thurston

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the country in early 2020, schools nationwide promptly closed their doors and put in place remote learning.


Campus Security at its Best

By Ralph C. Jensen

There is always a bunch of chatter in the college/university ranks of who has the best football or basketball program. It is always up for debate.

Bringing Biometrics to Campus

By Steve Humphreys

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the “normal” operational practices that educational facilities previously operated under.

Communicating Evacuation Plans

By Paul Shain

A campus evacuation is one of the most challenging emergency situations a college or university may face.

The Key to Keeping Healthcare Facilities Safe and Secure

The Key to Keeping Healthcare Facilities Safe and Secure

By Paul Baratta

Quick access to medical care is essential, especially in emergency situations. Accordingly, our hospitals, healthcare facilities, and their campuses are generally conveniently located, open 24/7, and accessible to the public.

Improving Security

By Despina Stamatelos

The global economy is changing. Organizations are acquiring new spaces as they expand to cover new territory.

Preparing for Extreme Weather

Preparing for Extreme Weather

By Heather Bender

Across the nation, educational facilities are being designed with not only education in mind – but to ensure students, faculty and staff are protected during extreme weather events.

6 Tips to Stay Safe on Campus

6 Tips to Stay Safe on Campus

By Lisa Bigelow

Chief among any college student parent’s concern is how their student will stay safe on campus.

The Possibilities of Integrating Intercoms on a Network

By Craig Szmania

Intercoms are an ideal solution for college and university campuses because they provide an appealing level of security for a campus’ friendly flow of people.

Building Security Systems

Building Security Systems

By John Nemerofsky

Changes are coming to corporate campuses as owners and managers look to increase efficiencies in the way facilities are secured and building operations are managed.

Protecting Public Schools

By Barbara Rizzatti

Puerto Rico protects more than 850 public schools with the help of Milestone Systems software

Critical for Safe Campuses

By Hussain Suleman

From small colleges to large universities, no campus has been immune to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Countering the Media Narrative

By Dr. Brooke Miller Gialopsos, Dr. Cheryl Lero Jonson, Dr. Melissa M. Moon

As schools reopen this fall, districts not only have to navigate the challenges of COVID-19, but also have to resume regular emergency drills, including active assailant response trainings.

Title IX Updates

Title IX Updates

By Sarah Ford, Josh Whitlock

Schools around the country are now required to comply with the Department of Education’s new Title IX regulations, which are massively impactful in the critical area of how to handle reports of sexual harassment.

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