Middle School Students Arrested for Making Death Threats

Middle School Students Arrested for Making Death Threats

Two students have been apprehended by authorities after being accused of making threats to their school.

This year schools seemed to be plagued with more threats than ever before. With bomb threats being made at campuses around the country, it’s no surprise that middle schoolers are now making their own threats to the safety of others at their schools.

Two 13-year-old students from the Waccamaw Middle School in South Carolina have been arrested for making threats at school. The first student was charged following threats he made on social media after being upset about a presentation he’d performed in class – which featured school shootings including memes that made a mockery of the severity of school shootings.

His later social media post was only “Wednesday, March 22” but investigators said it was a cryptic message saying something would happen on that date. Plus, a school shooting in Granite Hills, Calif. had taken place on March 22, 2201.

The other student was arrested the next day after reports were made about him threatening to kill other students with homemade bombs.

Both students have yet to be charged, but these threats have made an increase in campus security to be a top priority. Threats or not, they affect everyone (students, parents, teachers, etc.) that is at the school, and it’s never something to be taken lightly. 

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