Free Cybersecurity Workshops at Berkeley for Students

Free Cybersecurity Workshops at Berkeley for Students

The new Berkeley GREEN Campus hosted a free cybersecurity workshop for teens who might be interested in exploring careers that deal with hackers and protecting private information for companies.

For students who think they might want a career in cybersecurity, a free workshop at the new Berkeley GREEN campus could be the perfect way to discover their potential. The ability to stop hackers and learn how to keep them from obtaining the private of information from companies and individuals is an industry that is growing quickly – and is becoming more and more profitable in terms of career earnings.

 “This course is a fantastic introduction into a rapidly growing industry,” said Interim Principal at Berkeley Green Andy Keenan. “Students don’t have to be ultra-computer savvy; employers are looking for great problem solvers, strong communications and quick thinkers.”

During the workshop, students were shown different methods that are currently being used by cybersecurity firms. This provided a great opportunity for the attendees to explore what a career might be like, and if it is really something they would like to explore in the near future.

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