School Shooting Thwarted

School Shooting Thwarted

A teenage girl who was planning a school shooting at her Maryland high school has been taken into custody, after authorities received a tip from a concerned parent.

Sometimes all it takes is for a worried parent or a concerned friend to tell school officials or law enforcement that they suspect someone might be planning a school shooting. Even possible threats are taken very seriously, and that’s exactly what happened recently at a high school in Maryland.

One parent who had suspicions about Nichole Cevario, an 18-year-old student at Catoctin High School, told school officials that she was worried the teen was planning a school shooting. Immediate action was taken. Cevario was removed from class and was turned over to authorities. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office started an investigation right away. The student never brought a weapon to school, but she did have explosive materials that could have made a bomb if they’d been combined together. This finding let to detectives search Cevario’s residence.

Once authorities began a search at the teen’s home it quickly became evident that she was indeed planning a shooting at her school. Detectives found a shotgun, ammunition, bomb-making materials, and even a very detailed plan for the shooting was found in Cevario’s diary. The teen had been keeping track of daily activities for the school, including information on emergency procedures during drills.

Cevario is currenly undergoing mental evaluation at a nearby hospital, but investigators have an arrest warrant that will be served upon her release from the hospital.

The concerned parent and the quick action of school officials and law enforcement stopped this school threat – one that could have been deadly – right in its tracks.

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