Higher Education Requires High definition Security

Higher Education Requires High definition Security

Medical school received surveillance makeover

Like most schools of higher education, the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) takes the safety of students and faculty very seriously. Providing a safe and secure environment to every person on campus is of utmost priority for WVSOM. The current video surveillance solution at the medical school was limited in capability and did not provide coverage for new facilities, such as the brand new $22 million student center.

Further, the current system did not allow for efficient multi-client viewing. So, when it came time to upgrade and enhance their outdated video surveillance solution, WVSOM reached out to five different video surveillance suppliers to ensure they had compiled the leading contenders for their next generation video surveillance solutions. WVSOM has an added luxury of having the West Virginia State Police, who occupies space within the campus, as its main security force.

At the end of the evaluation, WVSOM concluded that the Speco Technologies, Inc. SecureGuard family of products was best suited to handle the expansion and coverage necessary to facilitate its growing environment. The decision to implement Speco Technologies, Inc. was based on functionality, ease of installation and use, as well as price point. Speco Technologies, Inc. SecureGuard VMS comes pre-loaded on SecureGuard Servers at no cost to the customer, offers free software updates, and no license fees, providing a greater cost savings to the end user.

"Safety of our student population, faculty and visitors is paramount to WVSOM. Due to our intense and highly-rated medical education program we have activity 24/7, which requires a rigorous and expandable video surveillance solution, which Speco Technologies, Inc. provides,” said Kim Ransom, CTO, WVSOM director of Information Technology.

The next goal was to find an experienced integrator to install the Speco Technologies, Inc. solution. After much assessment, WVSOM brought on Spencer Surveillance Systems, Inc. as the integrator of choice. This decision was due in part to Spencer Surveillance Systems, Inc.’s understanding of IP surveillance solutions, particularly as it applies to schools of higher education, which John Spencer is familiar with. Spencer Surveillance Systems, Inc. installed the system on time and on budget.

“I was happy to hear that Speco would be providing the camera system for the new student center. I have been installing Speco Technologies, Inc.’s intensifier IP cameras for many years and absolutely love them. Their resolution, warranty, longevity and Speco’s Technical Support are second to none,” said John Spencer, president, Spencer Surveillance Systems, Inc.

Speco Technologies, Inc. SecureGuard offering is currently deployed throughout the campus with a control center being monitored by the West Virginia State Police. Complete video coverage will be expanded this year to include the newly constructed Student Center, Founders’ Activity Center, the Technology Center, Clinical Evaluation Center, and parade field, along with associated parking lots.

Of note, especially to the West Virginia State Police, was to have video coverage in the WVSOM clock tower, which is the highest point on the campus as well as the city of Lewisburg. In doing so, they would have a superb vantage point for surveillance on a broad scale.

At this time, approximately 40 Speco Technologies, Inc. cameras have been deployed uploading video to a SecureGuard SG315 server. Of particular interest was the deployment of the Speco 360 degree panoramic camera in the Clinical Evaluation Center, which enabled WVSOM to replace four existing cameras with one. Plans are in place to expand the coverage by adding Speco Technologies, Inc. cameras to other buildings and parking lots as needed, along with additional servers. The joint cooperation from the WVSOM, Spencer Sur veillance and Speco Technologies, Inc. has ensured the WVSOM has the best of breed and all-inclusive video surveillance solution.

This article originally appeared in the April 2017 issue of Campus Security & Life Safety.

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