Security Questions to Ask Potential Colleges

Security Questions to Ask Potential Colleges

As the end of the school year is getting closer, high school students who are checking out colleges for fall may want to ask these security questions when they tour their potential colleges.

At a time when school shootings and other violent crimes on campus seem to be at a rise, it’s important for new college students and their parents know what questions to ask colleges when it comes to campus security. For students going to college for the first time, parents might be a little more concerned for their children because they’ll be going to large campuses and walking from building to building – sometimes alone and sometimes at night.

Security questions are something that should be asked when touring potential colleges. First-time college students need to be informed of the procedures and what’s to be expected in any situation.

First, ask the college what they are doing to help make the school a safe campus. Are there surveillance cameras at every building, inside and out? What about cameras in low-visibility areas? Are the cameras constantly monitored? If any emergency should happen at campus, you need to know that there are cameras that can help prove innocence/guilt, or even catch the situation in real time.

Does the campus have security guards or police at various areas around campus? Can students quickly identify them? Are there more guards at night? Students need to know that they have someone one campus to run to for help when needed, and they should be able to spot them quickly. Just the presence of security guards around campus can help prevent violent situations.

How does that campus alert students of an emergency situation? Whether it’s a fire, active shooter, or a tornado warning, students need to know that there is an emergency taking place. Plus, they should also know what to do next. Will there be a lockdown or will they be evacuated? This communication is especially crucial when cell phone signals and Internet connection is down.

Are there programs for teaching students about safety? How do they know correct protocols for certain emergencies? Does the campus provide pamphlets on safety? Each situation is different, and each student needs to know what to do. All too often students are injured during emergencies due to panic and lack of education on protocols.

How do you protect students that live on campus? Are there guards at each dorm building? Are there surveillance cameras throughout the common areas? If you a student will be living on campus, they need to know they’re security and safety is taken care of to the best ability of the college.

By taking the time to ask a few questions about the campus security, being a first-time college student and the parent/guardian of one can be a little more comforting.

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