Classes Reopen at North Park Elementary School

Classes Reopen at North Park Elementary School

Today is the first day classes are open after the fatal shooting at the San Bernardino school. There are new security policies already in place, but the Superintendent said that it’s okay if some students are comfortable coming back to class just yet.

It’s been one week since the shooting at North Park Elementary School that left three people dead, including an 8-year-old student. Classes are open today, but district Superintendent Dale Marsden said that they’re not expecting all students to be back.

Each child will need to take their own specific amount of time in order to feel ready to come back to class, and that’s okay. Some families have decided to transfer their kids to another school, and the staff at the elementary school is offering their help for that, as well.

After the shooting, school officials began putting better and more security policies in place, even making plans to have new, more secure doors installed in each classroom this summer.

The classroom where the shooting took place didn’t even have a door; it had only a curtain. That classroom has been cleaned, painted, and re-carpeted, but the room will no longer be used by students.

Some parents say their kids are ready to get back to school in order to feel like things are getting back to normal, but others don’t feel like the school can guarantee security, so they’re either transferring their kids or have decided to home school.

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