Emergency Mass Notification Mobile App Available for Twin Cities Pride Festival

Emergency Mass Notification Mobile App Available for Twin Cities Pride Festival

Alertus Technologies is providing a critical emergency mass notification mobile app to festival event staff, volunteers and attendees

Alertus Technologies and Twin Cities Pride have recently announced that Alertus will again provide critical emergency mass notification support for the Twin Cities Pride Festival via the Alertus Mobile App. The festival takes place June 24-25, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN.

Alertus is a yearlong sponsor of Twin Cities Pride and provided the mobile app for the 2016 Twin Cities Pride Festival. Twin Cities Pride recently used the app during the Equality March for Unity and Pride at the Minnesota State Capital in St. Paul, MN.

“We're proud to once again support Twin Cities Pride’s emergency preparedness efforts,” said Greg Smith, Public Relations Manager for Alertus Technologies. “The mobile app offers a great personal notification solution for the large number of staff and attendees that will be spread across multiple outside venues and along a lengthy parade route.”

During the festival, the Alertus Mobile App will provide event organizers and safety personnel the ability to send emergency alerts to staff, volunteers and participants on their Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. The system can also be used for non-emergency communications such as weather forecast alerts. Event staff and volunteers will download the Alertus Mobile App for use during the event. It is also available for participants to download and opt-in for alerts to stay connected and updated on any safety communications shared during the event.

Since last year’s event, Alertus has enhanced the app with a new panic button feature that allows end users to quickly send geo-tagged incident reports to emergency management personnel. End users can also receive push notifications from the Alertus system through the app.

“We’re committed to the safety of everyone working or attending this year’s Twin Cities Pride Festival,” said Matthew Shaw, ITS Director for Twin Cities Pride. “The Alertus Mobile App greatly enhances our safety measures and we encourage anyone attending the event to download it and opt-in for real time alerts for weather.”

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