Two Girls Shot at Chicago Elementary School

Two Girls Shot at Chicago Elementary School

Three teenagers have been arrested and charged with shooting two girls who were celebrating the end of the school year during a picnic on Friday

On Friday afternoon, police responded to a shots fired call at Warren Elementary School in Chicago. According to reports, the children were outside on the playground having a picnic to celebrate the last day of school when a black van drove by and shots were fired from inside.

Two girls, ages 7 and 13, were shot. The youngest girl was shot in the right leg, while the girl was shot in the right hand. Both were taken to a nearby hospital, but their injuries were not life threatening.

Three males (ages 16, 17 and 18) have been arrested and charged with the shooting. They each face two counts of aggravated battery, attempted first-degree murder, and may also be charged with a misdemeanor of criminal trespass to vehicles as police believe the vehicle they were arrested in was stolen.

Police report that the school children were not the intended targets, but that the three teens were shooting at former students who ran into the picnic, which caused shots to be fired onto the playground.

The school has 300 students in Pre-K through eighth grade.  

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