Shooting Near High School Stadium Raises Security Concerns

Shooting Near High School Stadium Raises Security Concerns

A 53-year-old man was stabbed and shot in the parking lot during a recent football practice at Parkview High School’s JFK Stadium in Springfield, Mo.

Last Thursday evening, the Parkview Vikings hosted athletes from 6 other high schools for 7-on-7 scrimmages. During the event, a 53-year-old man was stabbed at shot in the parking lot. A Springfield Public Schools police officer, who was at the stadium at the time, responded to the incident. The victim’s injuries were not life threatening, but Springfield P.D. and school officials are reviewing the crime.

“We will review the incident to determine what happened and whether any changes would improve safety and security of the students, staff, parents and other community members who use our facilities. At this early date, that review has not been completed,” said Teresa Bledsoe, Springfield Public Schools director of communications.

When the players and coaches heard the gunshots, the coaches instructed everyone to evacuate the stadium, seeking shelter in nearby woods. West Plaints coach Steve Ary said that teachers have been trained to direct students to flee the area during an active shooter event.

After the incident, Springfield Public Schools will be looking into ways to increase security at sporting events. Currently, SPS does not have a contract with the Springfield Police Department for security services during such events, and that may be changing soon. Campus security needs to be present during all activities where students and staff are present because, honestly, this could happen anywhere.

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