Top Campus Security Apps for your Smartphone

Top Campus Security Apps for your Smartphone

Campus safety and security is a top priority for any decision maker in the industry. Thankfully, today, technology is making it easier to ensure parents that their students will be more than safe on their university’s campus given the amount of security you can fit into a palm-sized device.

There’s no shortage of campus security apps. When you type “campus security” into the Apple App Store there are hundreds of hits. So how to you decide which app is best for you as a student or to apply campus-wide as a decision maker?

We’ve decided to help by bringing you the top five campus security apps on the market right now. Take a look into the world of smartphone technology and how it can help to keep your campus more secure.

EmergenSee Personal Safety

EmergenSee acts as the users own personal security guard. Whenever a person feels threatened or unsafe, they can open the app to connect with a pre-set circle of trusted contacts. Once inside the app, tap to initiate contact with trusted individuals. The user’s location is immediately transmitted to their contacts and the user can chose to use the features that will live stream audio and video to the trusted contacts.

This particular app integrates easily into universities as the Live Video Alert can be sent directly to professional security partners’ command centers on the site of the location. The app can provide campus security or local police with life-saving situational data.

EmergenSee’s motto is to put a live video camera into everyone’s hands and we believe this is definitely one step forward into that direction.


Titan HST

This app is specifically designed to help schools and universities organize their emergency communications and policies. Titan HST is a mass notification system and emergency communication network all rolled into one.

This app comes with some truly amazing features. Through the app alone, campus security professionals and administrators can initiate campus-wide lockdowns, send alerts between administrators and users, alert administrators to emergencies using live text and picture chat, live audio and GPS as well as emergency type. The app also allows users to enable safety status check-ins as well as send broadcast messages and photos to users.

The amount of features that reduce response time to emergency situations on campuses across the nation puts this app at the top of our list.



SafeZone is a great way to streamline requests to a security command center. A university can register their area as a “safe zone” and pre-register students, faculty and staff to use the app. Once registered, the user has the ability to call for help, whether it is a physical emergency or a person in need of first aid.

The pre-determined party will receive the alert immediately along with the user’s exact location and a description of the kind of help needed. A new feature allows a user to check-in to a location and set a timer, if the user is unresponsive to the app after a determined amount of time the response team is notified.

This apps ability to integrate seamlessly with school or university command centers makes it a contender on the list of top campus security apps.



Guardly knows how to keep a community safe. Their team works with you to design and provide mobile safety solutions that fit the campus’ specific needs. Guardly will help university police teams and security professionals prepare for and respond to threats against people and key assets but providing instant two-way communication with private security and authorities.

The app includes features like an indoor positioning system and a mass notification system that can be used to improve situational awareness by providing real-time indoor positioning/GPS data, caller identify and the nature of the incident. This helps to decrease response time and allow responders react to the situation and make informed decisions.

Guardly’s willingness to work with communities to create a unique system is why it makes our list of top campus security apps.


LifeLine Response

LifeLine Response is a great way for students, staff and faculty feel like they can be in instant communication with local police or campus security. The feature-rich application helps to give users peace of mind when they may be somewhere alone or walking in the dark.

The app can be used when a user feels unsafe. They put their thumb over the phone and if the thumb slips off, campus police are notified with the GPS location and contact information for the user. If the user doesn’t deactivate the notification, a voice and sound alarm will alert that the police are on their way.

More than 30 colleges already employ this app to help their community members feel more secure, which is why it tops our list.



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