Quebec Invests Millions to Help Combat Sexual Violence on Campuses

Quebec Invests Millions to Help Combat Sexual Violence on Campuses

Over the next five years, the Quebec government will be spending $23 million to help with the prevention of and response to sexual violence at universities

Quebec is working hard on helping the victims of sexual violence, and to aid in the prevention of such crimes from happening on college campuses. Higher Education Minister Hélène David made the announcement earlier this week.

“This is an important day for women and men who are victims of sexual violence. For the first time in Quebec, … a specific strategy to anticipate and respond to sexual violence is in place for all of Quebec,” David said.

She also said that there will be a new bill soon that will give more information to universities, as well as to address the accountability of such institutions. Several students have already started to work on new policies.

Quebec wants to make sure that each university has the resources to help each victim in order to provide the support they need, as well as offering psychosocial counsel. Security systems will also be updated as part of the prevention plan. Lighting will be updated, more or new surveillance cameras will be installed, and even emergency telephones will be added to campuses that don’t already have them in place.

The main focus is “to prevent and counter the sexual violent that can occur in higher education institutions.”

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