Response Technologies partners with Lawrenceburg School Corporation on year-round innovative safety program.

Indiana School District Launches New Safety Program

Response Technologies partners with Lawrenceburg School Corporation on year-round innovative safety program.

Response Technologies, a leader in the duress and emergency response market, recently worked with Lawrenceburg Community Schools Corporation, an Indiana based K-12 school district on a versatile asset and people protection plan to offer safety value to an entire community. The school district buildings are multifunctional, serving the community at large beyond just the student body.  As the school district is in a small town in Dearborn County, Indiana, school facilities tend to be used nearly 24/7/365 by the community, for evening swim team club practice, early morning men's community basketball, and a summer volunteer-run lunch program for youth, among other uses.

The district is progressive in general, but particularly around its approach to school safety and security. They continue to identify areas of need and seek grant monies to improve facilities and security.  With their Centurion Elite duress system, for example, they have employed it for intended uses around mass notification and panic, but also for door/entry monitoring and temperature and humidity control.

The district has a summer school lunch program whereby they serve lunch to children who otherwise may go hungry.  Because they had refrigeration monitoring through the duress system in place, district personnel were notified by the duress system over the Memorial Day weekend when there was a power outage that could have potentially created a huge food loss.  As a result, they were able to save thousands of dollars of food from spoilage and ensure that no children in the district went hungry.

The Lawrenceburg Community Schools Corporation duress and response system continues to help safeguard the facility and its assets, resulting in improved facility maintenance and safer buildings.  Response Technologies Centurion Elite, which combines multiple sensing and notification capabilities, such as wireless and virtual panic, intrusion, mass notification, security and environmental monitoring capabilities, all from one scalable system, was named a Campus Security ‘Best’ in 2016.

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