ASIS Sees New Solutions for Protection from Severe Weather and Other Threats

ASIS Sees New Solutions for Protection from Severe Weather and Other Threats

Security companies are working to protect campuses, students and faculty during extreme weather

For any company in the security industry, keeping people safe from any threat is the top priority. With recent weather events such as Hurricane Irma and the earthquake in Mexico, seeing solutions at ASIS that could offer protection during those events - and others - was an interesting sight to see.

One such company offering those solutions was ASSA ABLOY. These products offer safety during tornadoes, hurricanes, and even help to resist a threat such as a someone trying to break the glass on a door in order to gain entry to a school, shop or other building.

For tornado safety, Sargent FM7300 Series and Corbin Russwin FE6600 Series multi-point locks engineered to withstand severe wind speeds and flying debris are classified to ICC 500-2014 requirements for tornado resistant openings and third-party certified through Underwriters Laboratories. These locks can be deployed to protect community shelters, corporate and educational facilities, healthcare and government campuses, emergency operation centers, and more.

Hurricane protection looks to withstand strong, sustained winds and rapid fluctuations in air pressure. Products designed for use in areas prone to hurricanes are subjected to tests that simulate storm conditions, including impact from airborne debris and cyclical pressure differentiation. ASSA ABLOY offers a variety of door, frame and hardware combinations, including numerous access control configurations specifically for hurricanes.

For attack resistant protection, ASSA ABLOY has partnered with School Guard Glass to develop complete openings that comply with the 5-aa10 test standards based on the FBI’s Active Shooter Report. The openings can withstand an assault from a human attacker on a building while also making use of wood and hollow metal door construction –specific ASSA ABLOY frames, hardware, structures and systems – that ensure maximum security without sacrificing usability or design specifications.

The Attack Resistant Door Openings can withstand an intense four-minute physical attack after being shot 60 times with 7.62 NATO rounds or through an assailant’s use of hand tools. And while the door or glass may not stop a bullet from penetrating the opening, the attack-resistant door assembly will remain intact as to prevent an attacker from breaching the opening.

ASSA ABLOY hollow metal door brands Ceco Door, Curries, and Fleming will also present Forced Entry Bullet Resistant Assemblies (FEBR), designed to resist an intense, prolonged attack by one or more intruders. The door, frame and hardware assembly is intended for applications where the highest level of protection and durability is required and can repel a 15-minute attack while also offering level 8 bullet resistance, providing the utmost life-safety protection for occupants in the room.

These were just some of the examples found at ASIS.

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