Bullying and Threat Reporting App Offered to 10 Schools in All 50 States

Bullying and Threat Reporting App Offered to 10 Schools in All 50 States

Soter Technologies' Glue Board App and Incident Management Solution gives the power of anonymous reporting to students, teachers, parents and administration.

Former bullying victim turned anti-bullying crusader Derek Peterson, CEO of Soter Technologies, a cutting-edge technology and software developer focused on school safety solutions, announced today that the company’s Glue Board mobile reporting app and incident management solution will be provided license-free for one year to 10 schools in every state. Glue Board, part of the company’s Digital Fly™ suite of school safety products, gives the power of anonymous bullying and threat reporting to students, parents, teachers and school administrators.

ldquo;Students across the nation are facing unprecedented combination of threats. As a former bullying victim, I know what it is like to be scared at school. No student should ever be in fear at school. All too often we are seeing students who are victims of bullying turn to violence and suicide. This must be stopped. To do our part we have decided to act now to get technology into schools that will help prevent bullying and reduce threats,” said Derek Peterson, CEO of Soter Technologies. “With stopping bullying and enhancing school safety being urgent imperatives that are core to our mission, we are offering the Soter UP50 Incentive Program that empowers ‘Upstanders’ in all 50 states to help conquer bullying. The first 10 school districts in all 50 states that sign up under the UP50 Program will receive Glue Board license-free for the first year. We are doing this today because we know with tight budgets, red tape and other hurdles, it may take months or years to get lifesaving technology into schools.”

Situational awareness and rapid emergency response are critical for saving lives. School officials can use the Glue Board tool to communicate with students and parents via the ‘Push Soter Alert’ (PSA) feature which allows important safety and security notifications to be quickly given to all Glue Board subscribers, including students, parents, teachers, administrators, members of law enforcement and others. These subscribers are given an easy-to-use, real-time mobile reporting and communication tool which can send emergency alerts to school administrators – adding an additional layer of protection before and during incidents.

Glue Board is a comprehensive bullying, cyberbullying and threat reporting tool and mobile app. Users can report incidents with their name or anonymously, making it easier for students to alert administrators that they or another student has been bullied or is a potential threat to themselves or others. Through the app, users are able to submit text, images, and screen captures of social media or text messages. With this solution, officials can follow up with an anonymous reporter to request more information or inform the individual that the matter is being addressed – while maintaining complete anonymity. and removing any fear of reprisals.

In terms of bullying prevention, the technology gives school administrators a comprehensive tool that pairs a smart and powerful, cloud-based incident management system with a mobile bullying app. Incident management is critical for holding responsible parties accountable, especially when early warning signs appear. With Glue Board, reported incidents will never be overlooked because they must be addressed and resolved in order to be removed from the system.

“Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic School has a commitment to creating a safe environment for our students. The only way for us to address issues is to be aware of them in the first place. The Glue Board App gives Saint Paul School students and parents a tool to report to the school what they see or hear. School personnel can act on that information in a timely manner, reinforcing the dignity of every student in our building,” said Principal Darbie Dallman Safford of Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic School in Richardson, Texas.

Glue Board technology is effective in assisting school districts to achieve goals set forth by governmental mandates. In New York State, for example, The Dignity Act, otherwise known as the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), New York State’s Anti-Bullying Law, was established to protect all students from harassment, bullying and discrimination.

“School administrators are under tremendous pressure to address bullying incidents rapidly and effectively. Students who are bullied or see other children bullied need to have a way to anonymously report these cases. Glue Board is the solution. Our system empowers and protects students, stops bullies and gives administrators the tools that they need,” said Derek Peterson, CEO of Soter Technologies.

“Our system allows for anonymous reporting. This eliminates the potential for a parent or child who witnesses bullying to be identified and risk repercussions. We see this as a critical step in reducing bullying in schools across the nation,” said Peterson.<

With the Soter UP50 Program, the first 10 school districts – in all 50 states – that sign up will receive Glue Board license-free for the first year. (Note: a small onboarding fee and limited terms and conditions apply.) For more information or to arrange a Glue Board system demonstration, or for information about the Digital Fly™ portfolio of school safety solutions, including the Fly Sights social media awareness platform and Fly Sense™ bullying and vaping detector, visit www.digitalfly.net or www.sotertechnologies.com.

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