School Shooting in Southern Maryland Leaves Several Injured

School Shooting in Southern Maryland Leaves Several Injured

Police in southern Maryland are responding to a call at Great Mills High School were several people have been injured in a shooting.

[UPDATE: March 20, 2018 11:00 a.m.]

St. Mary's County Sheriff Tim Cameron told reporters at a news conference that the suspected shooter at Great Mills High School has died after the school's student resource officer fired at him. Sheriff Cameron did not confirm to reporters if it was the SRO's bullet that killed the shooter. 

In addition to the deceased suspect, two other students were injured in the shooting. A male and female were transported to the hospital after being wounded in the hallway.

The Associated Press reported that a threat of a possible shooting at the school had been circulating last month and the school's principal told parents that the threat was not "substantiated" but did increase security on the campus.

It is unknown at this time what security measures where in place the morning of the shooting.

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Authorities have responded to Great Mills High School in southern Maryland following reports of shots fired before the first bell rang.

At least three people have been transported to a local hospital, it is unknown at this time if the injured were students or faculty of the high school. 

Local reports say the incident has been contained and parents can begin the reunification process with their students within a few hours.

Great Mills High School is located in Saint Mary's County, Maryland, just two hours south of Baltimore. Photos on Twitter show students of the high school participating in the nation-wide Walk Out to advocate for school safety just six days ago.

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