Texas Wesleyan Boosts Campus Security Following Incident Off-Campus

Texas Wesleyan Boosts Campus Security Following Incident Off-Campus

Security on campus would be boosted since the incident happened so close to the university.

Texas Wesleyan, a university in Fort Worth, Texas, is working closely with local police following an incident at a car wash near the campus were two victims were taken hostage and asked to drain their bank accounts at various ATMs.

Chris Beckrich, Director of Safety and Security, wrote an email to students and faculty explaining that security on campus would be boosted since the incident happened so close to the university.

"Truly, it had nothing to do with us," Beckrich said. "It was just in proximity to our campus, and that is the only reason we are even involved at all."

According to the email, two victims were approached by three suspects and were forced into one of the victim's cars. After going to various ATM's, the five people ended up at a Walmart, where one of the victims escaped. The second victim also managed to escape, but was shot in the act. Fort Worth police took all suspects into custody.

Because of the proximity of the first crime scene to the campus, officials reported the information to faculty, staff and students.

“We just put the information out trying to be responsible to our students, to let them know that this did happen here,” Garcia said, “so be cognitive of what’s going on around you.”

Security officials also provided a list of safety tips for students to follow:

Travel well-lit, busy routes. Have your keys in your hand as your approach your door and remember to be alert to what and who is around you.

Be alert and aware. Pay full attention to who is around you when you are in public.

Beware of "Apple Picking." Be alert when using, or simple carrying, your smart phone - including iPhones and Android phones - especially after dark.

Avoid displaying and carrying large sums of money in public. Only carry the credit cards you need.

Be careful with purses or wallets. Carry a purse close to your body, but do not loop or wrap straps around you. A purse snatcher could injure you.

Safety in numbers. If you must be out at night, arrange to go to close, do errands or go shopping with a friend or two.

If you are confronted, COOPERATE. Give the criminal what he/she asks for - wallet, keys, jewelry, credit cards, and electronics. Your life is more valuable that replaceable possessions. 



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