New Hampshire Senate Approves $10 Million for School Security

New Hampshire Senate Approves $10 Million for School Security

The New Hampshire Senate has voted to increase the Public School Infrastructure Fund by $10 million.

The New Hampshire Senate added $10 million to fund a boost in security at public schools on Thursday.

The action came when senators agreed to suspend their rules and adopt a floor amendment rewriting a bill which called for a death benefit for a school employee killed in the line of duty.

The death benefit was removed and replaced with an appropriation of $10 million to the Public School Infrastructure Fund to "harden" security in public schools.

“Adopting this floor amendment is a proactive way to prevent gun violence in schools,” said Sen. Harold French, R-Franklin. “While the underlying bill was a noble cause, it was purely reactionary and did nothing to keep our children safe. I encourage my colleagues in the House to concur with our adopted changes.”

A House and Senate conference committee will have to agree to the change if the bill is to be handed over for Gov. Chris Sununu’s signature.

The Public School Infrastructure Fund was established in the 2018-2019 budget.

More than $13.7 million in grants have been approved by the Governor and Executive Council from the school infrastructure fund, with another $4.9 million on upcoming agendas.

School districts have submitted another $7.8 million in requests on a waitlist.

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