Washington State School Security Improvements Include Call Boxes

Washington State School Security Improvements Include Call Boxes

Schools in Washington state are stepping up their access control with the use of call boxes.

New call boxes at Washington State schools in Arlington will be implemented as part of an overall security upgrade intended to prevent unauthorized visitors from gaining access.

The visitor entry systems have been installed at six schools over the past two weeks, mostly during spring break, according to district spokesperson Gary Sabol.

“Future installations will follow at other schools after other building and site modifications have been completed,” Sabol said. “These call boxes are interim steps until other safety and security modifications can be made, but they will be a part of the completed security systems.”

When a visitor arrives at the school's entrance, they press a button on the box to be connected to staff in the main office, who can remotely unlock the front door if entry is granted.

All other exterior doors will remain locked during the school day. If someone attempts to open an outside door without permission during school hours, teachers and employees are trained to call the front office and possibly 911.

The call boxes have not seemed to cause much delay for parents or others who wish to visit the schools, according to the school district.

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