South Texas Schools Boost Security Following Santa Fe Shooting

South Texas Schools Boost Security Following Santa Fe Shooting

Schools in South Texas are boosting security following the school shooting that killed 10 people at Santa Fe High School.

With just a little over one week of school left for many Texas schools, districts sounding the Santa Fe area are stepping up security on campus to ensure the safety of students for the last few days of class following the school shooting at Santa Fe High School that killed 10 people and injured 13 more.

Multiple districts have released statements regarding security, most districts are focusing on backpacks and bags as well as staffing the campus with armed security for the rest of the school year.

In Aldine ISD, students will see an increase in the amount of patrol officers around campus as well as use of the metal detectors already placed at the entrances of the school. The school district stressed that officers have been through active shooter training and reminded parents to be compliant with campus procedures and routines when visiting the school.

At Bay City ISD schools, no student will be allowed to bring a backpack for the last week of school, May 21 - 25 in order to regulate what items are coming into the school buildings. The school district is also working with local law enforcement to provide an increased security presence.

In Cy-Fair school district, the school is cracking down on dress code, asking students to avoid wearing heavy clothing such as trench coats, that could possibly conceal a weapon. "While we want students to dress in clothing that is comfortable in their learning environment, we feel any extra safety measure that assists our officers and administrators should be utilized," the school district said in a press release.

Houston ISD has released a statement about the steps it has already taken to ensure an emergency incident such a the one at Santa Fe High School doesn't happen at one of its own campuses. The district has increased the number of active emergency drills, selected, trained and activated a standing Emergency Response Team to respond to threats districtwide and has conducted realistic, hands-on officer training on how to react to an armed assailant.

The Texas City school district has asked parents to monitor their children's social media accounts and remind them to be respectful online. "In the event [your child] sees a post that is suspicious or threatening, tell them not to share it, but rather report it immediately to you or a trusted adult," the district said in a statement.


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