Marshall County to Upgrade School Security before Next School Year

Marshall County to Upgrade School Security before Next School Year

Four months after two students died in a shooting on campus, the district is layering security measures to keep students safe.

Just four months after the deadly shooting at Marshall County High School in Kentucky, school leaders are detailing the list of security upgrades they will implement on campus before the 2018-2019 school year.

School leadership has decided to install walk-through metal detectors, increase police presence and implementing a no-backpack rule in order to secure the campus.

The school's surveillance system will also see camera upgrades and the district will be hiring four new school resource officers to join the SRO already working in the district.

In addition to the security measures, the high school is being renovated to limit entry into the school by only a few entrances, instead of all 86 exterior doors. A buzzer system connected to the front office will also be implemented.

“I want them to feel as safe as they possibly can," Superintendent Trent Lovett said. "I want them to enjoy being back at school without having to go through a day in fear and get back to the purpose of a school. That is learning, and teaching, and laughing, and smiling, and having a great experience as a student."

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