Convergint Technologies Integrates Pass Standards to Help Schools Increase Security Nationwide

In coordination with the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS), Convergint Technologies today announced the integration of PASS safety standards for K-12 schools served by the worldwide systems integrator’s STEP Up program.

The STEP Up program – standing for secure, train, educate and protect – launched June 8 as part of Convergint’s annual social responsibility day. Via STEP Up, Convergint provides security upgrades to underserved K-12 schools across the country.

“The PASS standards ensure that schools have the appropriate security measures for their location,” said Tony Varco, Vice President of security for Convergint. “Combined with the knowledge of our highly experienced Convergint colleagues, we can help schools increase security and safety for students, educators and staff.”

The PASS standards, developed by a coalition of law enforcement, security professionals, architects and school administrators, define threats common to schools at each educational level, including:

  • Offering recommendations on parental and community involvement
  • Detailing a layered security approach that combats common threats and mitigates risks related to active shooters
  • Providing information for integrators, school administrators, resource officers, and IT staff on technology-focused solutions like video surveillance, duress alarms, and electronic access control
  •  Delivering scalable and tiered measures that administrators can implement based on available resources and local risk levels

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