StoneLock Unveils Next Generation of Biometric Identity Management Solutions

StoneLock announced at Global Security Exchange (GSX) the introduction of the StoneLock GO edge reader, the latest innovation in StoneLock facial recognition for enterprise physical access, and the next generation of the StoneLock True Frictionless Solution.

Delivering a revolutionary step forward in biometric identity management, the StoneLock GO combined with the StoneLock Gateway brings a complete biometric-centric credentialing and access control solution to StoneLock customers, providing scalability, versatility, extended capture range, and speed for up to 20,000 face-only users. StoneLock GO authenticates in light ranging from bright sunlight to pitch dark.  New multi-face capture capability detects and alarms “tailgating” scenarios where unauthorized person(s) may attempt to enter with an authorized user.  StoneLock’s distributed, decentralized architecture avoids the heavy infrastructure investment of a centralized server-based solutions, providing the customer with enterprise-level identity verification that is efficient, accessible, privacy compliant, and easy to scale as required.

“StoneLock GO is a revolutionary biometric edge reader designed from the ground up to address the toughest authentication requirements our customers ask us about – high throughput, scalability, tailgate alarming, large population face-only, the ability to work outdoors, and being a secure solution for user privacy,” said CEO and Co-Founder Colleen Dunlap. “Rounding out our complete biometric-centric identity management solution, StoneLockGO takes full advantage of the functionality of the StoneLock Gateway released last year and is designed to protect both security and privacy concerns with an easy-to-use, transparent approach to access control.”

Launched in 2017, the StoneLock Gateway provides a complete biometric-centric credentialing and identity management solution that supports a highly available, fully secured, seamless movement of hundreds of thousands of biometric templates between thousands of readers. In addition, the Gateway delivers versatile integrations that include the leading access control systems. Now coupled with the StoneLock GO to deliver the next generation of the StoneLock True Frictionless Solution, StoneLock customers will experience a seamless approach to managing identities and an access control experience, where users “just GO” where they are authorized, with no remembering codes, presenting credentials or even pausing to scan body parts. 

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