Marshall County High Upgrades Security Following On-Campus Shooting

Marshall County High Upgrades Security Following On-Campus Shooting

In January 2018, two students died in a shooting at Marshall County High School.

School leaders have been working together since January on new security upgrades, policies and procedures following a shooting incident on the campus of Marshall County High School in Kentucky that killed two students and injured several others. 

"We felt like the safest school district around," Superintendent Trent Lovett told a local news station. "And then for something like this to happen, if it can happen here, I can promise you it can happen anywhere."

Students at Marshall County High now walk through metal detectors and leave their backpacks at home in order to ensure that no weapons are brought into classrooms and common areas. Five Student Resource Officers patrol the hallways during school hours and students have worked with officials to create a security plan that helps them feel safe.

In addition to the other security measures, the school plans on implementing an intercom system at the main entrance that allows visitors to buzz in when they'd like to gain access to the building. The school is also implementing policies for visitors in the parking lots, making them check in with the guard on duty before they even make it to the front door of the school.

Lovett wants other schools to learn from the shooting at Marshall County.

"Always be prepared," he said. "Because you never know when it is going to happen to you."

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