New Realm of Campus Security

New Realm of Campus Security

EVERWhite is breaking into the campus security space with its new product, MOBILEGuard.

In light of recent news stories about gun violence on campuses, security manufacturers are stepping up to create new solutions that make sense in a classroom. We've seen more innovative products being introduced in the last six months than we have in the last six years. That says something.

For whiteboard manufacturer, EVERWhite, breaking into the campus security market seemed like the right step to take after watching the news of violence incident after violent incident unfold. Thus, the MOBILEGuard was born. 

The MOBILEGuard is a configurable and scalable shelter-in-place solution disguised as a whiteboard for classrooms, officers and other public spaces. The dual-use ballistic barrier product offers a full spectrum of protection during active shooter events. 

"Schools, businesses and government agencies are looking for effective and flexible shelters for protection during active shooter incidents," Jim Muth, general manager of EVERWhite said. Muth spoke of other solutions that give students bullet-resistant shelter inside a classroom, but told me that those products seemed to be a little scary and out of place. It made sense to take a product EVERWhite was already comfortable and turn it into an active shooter protection solution.

"The best thing about the MOBLEGuard is that it looks like it belongs in a classroom," Muth said. "After consulting with security experts and educators, we designed MOBILEGuard to provide a full spectrum of ballistic protection, and to provide a daily use of the double-sided whiteboards or cork boards on both sides."

The ballistic whiteboard look-alike is perfect for modern day campus security that allows faculty and students to feel safer, without the constant reminder that an incident can occur at anytime.

Photo by EVERWhite

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