Austin Schools to Implement Guardian Program

Austin Schools to Implement Guardian Program

Austin-area schools have moved forward with a guardian program which allows unidentified employees to carry on campus at all times.

The Edna Independent School District, together with the guidance of law enforcement partners, have decided to implement a guardian program, which authorizes specific, generally unidentified employees to carry on campus at all times.

In addition to the guardian program, the district announced it had purchased a dozen ballistic vests and are considering purchasing bulletproof backpack inserts as well. 

"Edna ISD wants to ensure that we have provided our guardian staff with appropriate training, as well as the latest equipment," Assistant Superintendent Madelyn Maresh said.

The vests retail for $500 and districts are charged $350 for them, while the backpack inserts sell for $150 but for districts are $99 from company Unequal. 

Edna ISD received federal Title IX funding, which aims to provide students a well-rounded education, keep students healthy and safe and improve the use of technology for better student achievement. 

Superintendent Robert O'Connor said he wanted his district to exercise whatever options are deemed necessary to protect students. 

"I want to feel good about the fact that we have done all that we can do," O'Connor said.

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