New Jersey Schools to Hire Retired Police Officers

New Jersey Schools to Hire Retired Police Officers

Passaic County to hire retired police officers to bolster campus security.

A city council in Passaic County, New Jersey introduced a resolution to hire five retired police officers to add additional security to the local school district, home of 21 campuses and 14,000 students.

The new, retired officers would answer to the police chief and their deployment will be determined by the lieutenant who supervises the school resource officers' division. This division includes a lieutenant, two sergeants, and 18 officers. The retired officers, known as Class III, would be hired on a part time basis and earn between $40,000 and $50,000, according to Mayor Hector Lora.

The resolution passed at its first hearing, but must be reviewed prior to the next reading as the proposal may need modifications to ensure it fits with existing city laws pertaining to the police department's composition.

Candidates for Class III officers include: must be retired and under the age of 65. This officer previously served as a duly qualified, fully-trained, full-time officer in any municipality or county in New Jersey, or as a state trooper. The officers must all pass a psychological exam and drug test.

"Ideally retired school resource officers would become our Class III officers," the mayor said. "By retaining their expertise and knowledge, they provide great value."

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