Indiana Schools Implement New Security Programs

Indiana Schools Implement New Security Programs

Vigo County Schools are implementing a Junior Crimestoppers program as well as a new reporting program, P3 Campus.

Leaders at Vigo County Schools in Indiana have unveiled the start of two new programs, a Junior Crimestoppers program and P3 Campus. 

The Junior Crimestoppers program is a collaboration between the school corporation and the Vigo County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office already has a Crimestoppers program, which is used throughout the community as an anonymous tip line for crimes. While the format of Junior Crimestoppers is similar, leaders say the tip line is more for issues that could impact school safety or a student's mental health.

"We're really turning the old days of the bully box into an electronic mechanism now," said Sheriff Greg Ewing. 

The P3 Campus program allow students and parents to report issues such as bullying, suicide, alcohol, fighting and even sexual assault through the platform that is compatible with computers and mobile devices.

"The governor, in his report, wanted this tip line," Ewing said. "I don't know where that process is with the state, but we can't wait and I think that just demonstrates our efforts to make sure we have a safe environment not only for the students but also for our staff."

To report a tip on P3, the student or parent will be asked a series of detailed questions including a description of the incident, who was involved and even the social media handles of the person being accused or at risk. There's also a section where a person can attach video or photo evidence.

Once a tip is submitted, it filters through to administrators within the Vigo County School Corporation and the child's school, as well as the sheriff's office to follow up on the report.

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