Kansas City Area Jewish Community Campus Installs New Security System

Kansas City Area Jewish Community Campus Installs New Security System

The Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas is defending against another violent threat.

Before the horrific tragedy in Pittsburgh over the weekend, the Jewish Community Campus understood the realistic threat of violence against their facility. In fact, the campus saw a shooting in 2014 that least three people dead. Since then, the community officials have been piecing together a security plan that works to protect, alert and defend against violence. 

The Jewish Community Campus in Overland Park, Kansas, just outside of Kasas City, has hired company Safe Defend to install their security system. Safe Defend sets off strobe lights and alarms throughout the building as soon as it is activated. 

The system also sends emails and text alerts and notifies law enforcement when an alarm is triggered. 

Jeff Green, the founder of Safe Defend, says the system could save lives when properly implemented.

"If we have to wait until the good guys get there before we can actual respond, the casualty count goes up and up," Green said. 

The JCC staff members are scheduled to begin training on Safe Defend later this week.        

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