Duke University has Security Cameras at Entrance of All Residence Halls

Duke University has Security Cameras at Entrance of All Residence Halls

Duke University has over 1,300 security cameras on campus, including in areas of egress around residence halls.

Duke University has reviled that there is a security camera at the entrance and exit of every residence hall on campus, according to campus administration.

In an article written for the The Chronicle, the an independent news organization at the university, Ben Leonard outlines the university's security camera plan. The article quotes Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president for administration, as saying there is more than 1,300 cameras across campus—a security effort that began nearly thee years ago and was just completed over the summer. 

Cavanuagh told The Chronicle that there are no surveillance cameras inside the dorms themselves, just at areas of egress. The cameras, according to the article, have been "crucial in serving as a deterrent," as well as helping in the case of a sexual battery against two female students. 

The cameras were able to offer up footage of the suspect in the crimes and allow for an identification and arrest. 

Cavanaugh told The Chronicle that Duke will continue to "evaluate potential need" for more security cameras, but at this time there are no concrete actions to move forward with more installations. 

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