Washington State High School Hires Full Time Resource Officer

Washington State High School Hires Full Time Resource Officer

A Washington State school district and police department are partnering up to provide an SRO to the local high school.

Schools around the country are deciding to have a more robust security staff on their campuses at all times of the school day. For Enumclaw School District in Washington State, the decision to bring in a full-time police officer to patrol the high school was an easy one to make.

The decision was years in the making and didn't come quickly, but a partnership between the district and the police department was key to getting an officer on campus during the academic day. 

"Given the advent of school violence nationwide, it was agreed between both entities that an SRO position would benefit both the Enumclaw School District and the Enumclaw Police Department, as well as the community as a whole," Police Chief Bob Heubler said. 

After researching existing agreements in other cities, the city and school district decided to split the cost of the SRO evenly. The officer chosen has been on the force since 2016 and has previously worked security at district events. In order to prepare for the new position, Officer Amanda Reeves shadowed a school resource officer at another school and spent a week at a training session offered by the National Association of School Resource Officers. 

The school announced the new SRO position and Officer Reeves, stating that her "role on campus during the school day is to ensure safety in accordance with the law while also getting to know the staff and students."

"Having a member of the Enumclaw Police Department on our campus allows a substantial connection between our work and theirs," the school said on the website.

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