Suicide Prevention Program to be Implemented at Ohio High Schools

Suicide Prevention Program to be Implemented at Ohio High Schools

Grant Us Hope is expanding their program to 55 schools by the end of 2019.

Grant Us Hope, a nonprofit organization committed to providing suicide prevention programs and supplemental trauma recovery programs to schools, is expanding to implement programs in high schools across Ohio. 

Grant Us Hope will soon be brining a "Hope Squad" to several high schools in the state with the hope of preventing tragedies involving self harm. In addition to providing training for students, faculty, staff and community leaders, Hope Squads will also have trauma and reacclimation coordinators. Coordinators will provide resources and guidance to those struggling with mental health problems. 

The expansion is part of the nonprofit was made possible by a combination of private support and $233,990 awarded in 2018 by then Ohio Attorney General, now Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine. The money was awarded as part of the Victims of Crime Act, which receives funding from the U.S. Department of Justice.  

The grant money will be used entirely to expand Grant Us Hope's Hope Squads. By fall of 2019, Grant Us Hope will have enacted Hope Squads in 55 Ohio schools, mostly in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.

Dr. Keith Kline, Executive Director of Grant Us Hope, works actively day-to-day with Hope Squad coordinators across Ohio, said that students feel more comfortable discussing their mental health with other young people.

“We know students talk to each other about their mental health and thoughts of suicide, but many times, they do not share what they know with an adult who can help,” Kline said. “Hope Squad Members are trained to recognize signs, ask questions and work with their classmate to get them to the help they need.”

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Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety.