Illinois District Adds Second SRO

Illinois District Adds Second SRO

Robinson School Corporation is adding a second school resource officer to patrol its schools.

Robinson School Corporation is adding a second school resource officer to patrol its schools.

Leaders from the Robinson School Corporation and the Chief of Police told News 10 that now, more than ever, their schools need the extra security that a second school resource officer can provide.

“We hope that an emergency situation never happens so a lot of what the school resource officers are doing for us is going to be on the preventative side,” said Josh Quick, the Superintendent of the Robinson Schools.

The school resource officer’s responsibilities include maintaining safety and a healthy learning environment for students. Eric Schmidt is the current resource officer for the entire district.

“Being able to be responsible for keeping over 1,500 kids in the community safe is a big deal, but it’s something that I take seriously and enjoy,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt said his work as an SRO is “a lot different” from his work as a “regular police officer.”

It can be challenging to keep an eye on all four schools in the Robinson School Corporation, he said, but a second officer will help ensure students are safety. Having two officers will afford them the opportunity to work more directly with students, and Schmidt hopes the students embrace the benefits of having a second SRO hired.

“The younger levels get excited to see anyone in uniform,” Schmidt said.

School resource officers teach students about things like law enforcement advice, counseling services and driver’s education courses.

Robinson School Corporation plans to have the new resource officer in place on campuses by the beginning of the school year in August.

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