Michigan District to Add More than 100 New Surveillance Cameras

Michigan District to Add More than 100 New Surveillance Cameras

Holland Public Schools plans to add 109 surveillance cameras this summer.

Holland Public Schools will be installing an additional 109 surveillance cameras on its campuses this summer.

On May 20, the Board of Education voted in support of an $183,820 contract to upgrade Holland Public School’s video surveillance system. The update will include the installation of new surveillance cameras and updates to older equipment.

According to Holland Public Schools Superintendent Brian Davis, the district will have about 300 total video surveillance cameras in place across its campuses once the project is finished.

“They are first and foremost used as a deterrent for any inappropriate behavior that goes against the school’s code of conduct,” Davis said.

Davis said the surveillance footage can be used in an investigation should anything inappropriate occur. He said some cameras currently in place have been used in the past by the Holland Public Safety Department when investigating crimes in the community, though their main purpose is for school safety.

Holland Public Schools is updating its surveillance system for two main reasons.

“We reconfigured how we were using each building with different age groups of students, and wanted to make sure the changes made sense with surveillance placement,” Davis said. “We also did a review of our safety measures and review of how we were using our facilities.”

The new cameras will be installed on the inside and outside of Holland Public School buildings.

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