Georgia Campaign Reminds Drivers of Back-to-School Driving Safety

Georgia Campaign Reminds Drivers of Back to School Driving Safety

Driving while intoxicated has always been the cause of many fatal car accidents, but there’s a new leader in dangerous driving scenarios – distracted driving. The “School’s Open, Drive Carefully” campaign reminds drivers to stay alert and aware of their surroundings.

Although alcohol used to be a prominent threat for fatal car accidents, distracted driving has taken the lead as a threat for safety around vehicles. With the school year coming up, AAA, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the Georgia Department of Public Safety’s Motor Carrier Compliance Division, Columbia County schools and local law enforcement have all teamed up for the annual “School’s Open, Drive Carefully,” campaign.

Georgia Department of Public Safety Senior Officer Matt Kelly said that one of the most important things to ensure safety around automobiles is for drivers to stay alert.

“What’s hurting and killing people is no longer speed and alcohol; it’s distracted driving,” Kelly said. “Somebody holding that telephone behind the wheel is more of a threat than speed and alcohol combined.”

Garrett Townsend, the AAA director of public affairs, said that slowing down, eliminating distractions and being mindful of bicycles on the road are all great ways to reduce the risk of accidents.

According to Penny Jackson, the associate superintendent, more than 200 buses are on the road at various times of day in the Columbia County school district, meaning that there are many children entering and exiting the vehicles throughout the morning and afternoon.

“Stay motivated as a driver,” Kelly said. “It’s your responsibility once you sit in that driver’s seat to stay in your lane, obey the speed limit and operate (your vehicle) safely at all times.”

More information on school bus and pedestrian safety for students, motorists, parents and bus drivers is available at

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