Fresno Assistant Sheriff Shares Back-to-School Safety Tips

Fresno Assistant Sheriff Shares Back-to-School Safety Tips

Assistant Sheriff John Zanoni shared back-to-school safety tips with FOX26NEWS earlier this week, encouraging students and parents to make sure they have open communication and follow safety plans.

Fresno County Assistant Sheriff John Zanoni spoke with FOX26NEWS earlier this week to share the best way for student to stay safe as they go back to school this month.

He said that one of the main ways safety has changed over the years is due to the fact that students can be in constant communication through cell phones and social media. He said parents should make sure to follow their children’s social media accounts, and make sure they know what information their child is sharing with the world – such as location.

“That’s how young people communicate today,” Zanoni said. “They don’t really call anyone up on the phone and have a verbal conversation. They’re on these social media sites – texting, snapchatting.”

He said that parents and students should come up with a safety plan together so that parents can ensure their child is taking a safe route to school, and they know they can reach each other in case of an emergency.

For students, he said it’s vital to stay aware of surroundings, pay attention and listen to administrators. He said staying alert to acquaintances, and reporting any safety issues could be the difference between fatalities and catching a problem before it becomes an serious issue.

“Don’t feel like you’re in the wrong if you report it,” Zanoni said. “It’s more important to report it and hopefully get that person help before something happens.

He said the sheriff’s office also provides a program to county entities, schools and the Fresno County Office of Education called “Seconds to Survive.” This program teaching school administrators and staff how to handle acts of violence at school, including active shooter attacks.

Zanoni said the most important takeaways are open lines of communication, and following safety plans once in a state of emergency.

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