Bulletproof Backpacks Do Not Stand Rifle Test

Bulletproof Backpacks Do Not Stand Rifle Test

An OfficeMax in Dallas is offering bulletproof backpacks, but they might not be as helpful in a school shooting as parents might think.

An OfficeMax in Dallas recently began offering bulletproof backpacks by Guard Dog. Two different bulletproof backpacks are available, and while the backpack says it has Level III-A protection, it did not pass the test against rifles.

The WFAA had John Coulton, who is an NRA Certified Instructor, test these backpacks to see if they were actually bulletproof, or just a fear tactic that hopes to target nervous parents.

The first gun Coulton shot at the backpack was a .45 caliber firearm from 21 feet away. While it pierced a hole through most of the backpack’s contents, the back of the backpack withstood the shot.

The second gun Coulton fired at the backpack was a .44 Magnum. This gun did a good amount of damage to the back of the backpack, but did not break through the back.

"As you can see it put a lot of energy through the target. It bowed the back of the backpack," Coulton said.

The last gun Coulton used against the backpack was an AR-15 with .223 caliber rounds, and it easily broke through the back of the backpack. While the product description does not say that the backpack will withstand this type of weapon, this is often the type of weapon the shooters are using.

The bulletproof backpacks range from approximately $120 - $300.

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