New York State Signs Legislation to Allow Cameras on School Bus Stop Arms

New York State Signs Legislation to Allow Cameras on School Bus Stop Arms

In light of many violators of passing school buses while stopped, Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently signed legislation that permits school buses to install cameras on stop arms.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation into law last week that will allow schools in New York state to install cameras on the stop arms of school buses. These cameras will automatically record anyone who passes the bus illegally. The perpetrator will then be fined $250, or more if they are a repeat violator.

"No parent should ever have to worry that their child's bus ride to and from school is anything other than safe and easy," Cuomo said.

Districts will be allowed to use the cameras in 30 days, which will coincide nicely with the beginning of the school year. It is up to the discretion of local education officials on whether or not their buses should be equipped with the cameras.

Illegally passing school buses is estimated to be a large problem in New York. In May, police did a one-day crackdown on passing stopped school busses and issued 626 tickets for illegally passing a school bus in addition to more than 1,600 tickets for other moving violations.

The state’s teachers union praised the new initiative and hopes that the districts approve the cameras quickly.

"It is our sincere hope that school districts will work quickly to begin installing stop-arm cameras so we can better hold accountable those who show blatant disregard for our kids," said New York State United Teachers President Andy Pallotta.

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