Washington School District Upgrades Security for Elementary Schools

Washington School District Upgrades Security for Elementary Schools

Pullman School District has upgraded their three elementary schools, Sunnyside, Jefferson and Franklin Elementary school which security upgrades.

Pullman School District decided their three elementary schools – Sunnyside, Jefferson and Franklin Elementary schools – needed security upgrades before students came back to school this year.

Pam Brantner, the Sunnyside Elementary principal, said that gun violence is a reality, and the school must accommodate for that.

"It's scary in the fact of gun violence and school shootings, but it's brought us to be a closer-knit community," said Sunnyside Elementary principal Pam Brantner.

The changes include electronic locks, new cameras and a revamped entry system, all of which are at least $43,000 combined.

District officials said that Sunnyside was the most difficult to retrofit, as the school has four possible entry points in the building’s foyer. Thanks to the new system, all of these entrances will stay locked until the school secretary buzzes someone in.

"Kids are safer at schools than they've ever been," said district executive director of operations Joe Thornton. "Some people are gonna be inconvenienced, some people are gonna be frustrated, but I think the vast majority of people will support this change."

Bantner said since you never know when danger might hit, the schools are trying to stay as prepared as possible.

"A lot of students know or see the news or watch what's happening in the world today and I think it's a frightful time for them," Brantner said. "It hits close to home. You can try and be as prepared as you can, but you never know."

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