Study: School Safety is One of the Top Causes Americans Care About

Study: School Safety is One of the Top Causes Americans Care About

Safety and well-being are dominant themes in this year’s results. Following school safety is data security and cyber security.

A study done by Ketchum, a global communications consulting company, says people care more about their children being safe in school than disease prevention or water conservation.

The survey found that the importance of school safety spanned across generations with 81 percent of Baby Boomers, 78 percent of Millennials and 78 percent of Gen X all saying it is important to support school safety causes.

"Safety and well-being are dominant themes in this year's results, and it's remarkable to see that agreement cut across gender and age groups when it comes to safety in our school communities. The data also indicates that while Americans expect companies to contribute to social good monetarily, there's also [an] appetite for them to take a role as public educators. Brands and organizations should be encouraged that the public views them as an influential voice for social change, and they must be thoughtful in crafting communications that will continue to engender that trust," said Mary Elizabeth Germaine, partner and managing director, Analytics, at Ketchum to PR Newswire.

The study, which is now in its fourth year, analyzes how Americans prioritize 16 of the top charitable causes and social issues.

After school safety, Americans found data privacy and cyber security of the most importance.

Water conservation and medical research/disease prevention round out the top four areas of concern. A theme of inequality for individuals emerged in the middle of the pack, including affordable housing, racial equality and access to education.

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