Michigan Middle School Launches Program Banning Phones, Backpacks

Michigan Middle School Launches Program Banning Phones, Backpacks

A middle school in Michigan is seeing positive benefits from banning phones and backpacks. However, parents have some concerns despite the potential safety benefit.

Stadiums and event facilities often have a policy that bans large bags and sometimes cell phones as a safety precaution.

Schools across the nation are implementing similar policies to see if it will help discourage and prevent threats.

Stevenson Middle School in Michigan decided to test the policy this year as a pilot for the Wayne-Westland school district.

Principal Kimberly Doman told Hometown Life the pilot is proving to be beneficial.

"We're seeing a tremendous change in the climate and culture of the classrooms, the hallways, the school and it's been very positive," she said. "The kids are actually appropriately interacting with each other."

The policy did not come without push back from parents. Some of the concerns pertained to how would their child notify them of an emergency such as a mass shooting and how would students be able to get to class on time without their phone.

District Communications Director Jenny Johnson told Hometown Life parents will be alerted of emergencies through a number of outlets.

"If there actually is something happening at the building, we don't want the kids on their phone texting mom and dad," she said. "We want the kids listening to their teachers and their administrators so they do what they need to do."

Without a backpack, some parents were concerned about what their daughters’ would do when it was time for monthly menstruation.

Doman said the office will keep clothing stocked in case girls need a change of clothing and will not deny them from using the restroom.

"We don't deny (bathroom) passes to the kids... I'm allowing the girls, well all of the kids, to carry a pencil case," Doman told Hometown Life. "So that's an easy way to have things on you."

There are other Michigan school districts who implemented similar bans such as Forest Hills Public Schools.

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