School District in Michigan Increases Security After Receiving Multiple Threats

School District in Michigan Increases Security After Receiving Multiple Threats

The school district hired a private security company over the weekend after receiving two threats last week.

da Vinci Charter School District in Jackson, Michigan decided it could not wait another school day without a larger security presence on its campuses.

After receiving two threats last week, WILX reported the district reached out to Edmondson Security Solutions over the weekend and asked if they could secure the campuses beginning Monday.

“I called them Sunday morning after a threat on Saturday evening and I said is there any way we’d be able to have security tomorrow morning and he said we will make that happen,” said Sandy Maxson, da Vinci Schools Superintendent to the outlet.

The security company already provides several security guards for other counties in the state.

“There are threats everyday does that mean every threat is viable that somethings gonna happen no, but it’s complacency that lets bad things happen,” said Jeffrey Pardee, Partner of Edmonson Security Solutions. “So I applaud this school. They already take great security measures we simply are an add on to make their school that much safer.”

The school district has received several threats over the last couple of weeks and it was the fifth school threat in Jackson County in the past two weeks.

On Thursday, the district decided to cancel school for the day when a student said she overheard other students talking about shooting up the school, reported Michigan Live.

Maxson said she chose to cancel school as a precaution, and the district later learned there was no immediate threat.

With all of the threats happening lately, parent Casey Cannons told WILX she understands why the district has hired a private security company.

“Our kids shouldn’t have to go to school with security or with the police or anything like that. They should be able to go and enjoy school but on the other hand I understand because it’s the protection of the students,” said Cannons. “I do believe in my heart that da Vinci is doing the best that they can do to support their kids and to keep their kids safe.”

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